Vermont State School Nurses’ Association


VSSNA is a Unified Affiliate of the NASN. Unified Affiliates require members to belong to both the VSSNA and NASN.

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Membership Types:


Registered Professional Nurse having as their primary assignment, the administration, education or the provision of school health services and eligible for Active membership in state school association.


Registered Professional Nurse not eligible for Active membership, but who serves a school as a school nurse.



Persons who hold a special interest in or who are working with NASN and who do not fit into any other membership classification including LVNs and LPNs.


Submit proof of enrollment in program with membership form. Be enrolled in a nursing program to meet requirements to become a school nurse, or a student not currently a nurse in a nursing program. Maximum of five years of student membership allowed. (Not available to those who have met requirements to be a school nurse and are pursuing further education, or have previously held Active membership status.)


Any Active member, upon retirement shall be eligible, upon notification to NASN.

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